‘Dancing with the Stars’ aftermath: Mark Ballas responds to harsh Julianne Hough comments

Meet Christina -When you look at the Julianne Hough Experiment last night on “Dancing with the Stars,” it was a little bit of a mess. While she occasionally gave some good soundbytes, it was really awkward for her to sit there and judge professional dancers that were a part of the show before she was, just because she was a bigger “star” now. Also, the judges had no real disagreements at all on the night when it came to the scores. (We can’t wait for more Len Goodman thanks solely to that.)

But perhaps the most interesting moment of Julianne’s time on the show was when she made a not-so-subtle dig at one of the current pros in Mark Ballas, by insinuating that he is either a ham, or really just all about himself. Here’s the comment she made to Christina Milian, which you can see in the video below: “I really wanted to see you shine. I danced with Mark. You have to stand in front to make sure you’re seen.”

So how did Mark feel about this after the show? He really didn’t seem to be letting it get to him too much, telling Entertainment Weekly that while it was annoying, he wasn’t beating himself up too much about it:

“She put a little sting on me, but that’s okay. If that’s how she felt, that’s how she felt. It’s okay.”

Personally, there were two things that we specifically found very odd about this. First of all, isn’t Mark good friends with Julianne’s brother / fellow pro Derek? Also, isn’t Derek just as big of a ham as anyone else who has ever been in the ballroom on this show?

Whose side are you on here, Julianne’s, or Mark’s? Share below! If you don’t care about that and you just want to mourn the elimination of the latest dancer, just take a look at the story here to read all about it.

Photo: ABC

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