‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ preview: New video promises ‘two shocking twists’

Check it out -Oh, “Survivor” and your constant hyperbole. Just in case having one shocker take place on Wednesday’s all-new episode was somehow not enough for you, here’s this: There will be two moments this week that take place that could have your jaw on the ground.

So what could they be? Based on the preview below, it’s easy to speculate that one happens at Redemption Island, and that the other happens at a tribal council. We’re most interested, at least for now, in the dynamics of a duel that includes both Candice and John Cody in it. What happens if they go up against each other: Is it possible that one of them gives up for the other? If that happens, it’s about a million times more likely that it would be John to quit, thinking that Candice may have a better chance in the game. Plus, he’s Captain America and all, and we’re sure he wants to have that hero moment after feeling guilty the first time.

As for the second shocker (provided that the first really is at Redemption and this is not the editors playing some magic tricks on us), it’s really hard to say. Haven’t we more or less seen all that there is to see at tribal council by now? If it is Tadhana that goes to tribal council, you have to believe that either Brad or Ciera will be the one to leave the game. The first guy would be more epic, if for no other reason than that he seems to believe that he is the most awesome human being to ever grace the earth and it also marks a power shift to where the men are no longer fully in power.

We want to hear some of your predictions for this “Survivor” episode in the comment box below; meanwhile, we’ve got all of your latest updates and one-on-one interviews for the show over at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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