‘Basketball Wives’ season 5, episode 8 review: Evelyn Lozada’s London plans; a temporary calm

The latest -You know that feeling you get when you are standing outside, enjoying the good weather before the inevitable rain comes in a few minutes? That is what tonight’s “Basketball Wives” episode really felt like. You knew almost from the start that there was no way that the sort of harmony that the ladies had going on here was going to last forever, and you still know that now … even if there was no blowup argument this week or anyone knocking off anyone else’s hat.

The main event here is that the annual “vacation” (otherwise known as the steel cage match for housewives) this season is going to be London, where one of the ladies is planning to make a splash at Fashion Week. Evelyn Lozada was hard at work on her fashion line for most of the episode, especially after changing up her plans and deciding to emphasize maxidresses above any other sort of clothing. This was a career-focused episode by and large, which was a nice little change-up. It’s not the sort of self-promotion that we want to see very episode, and Kenya Bell’s “music career” is the only thing worthy of an eyeroll or two.

When it comes to drama, we can summarize most of it in saying this: Tensions are still high between many of the ladies and Tasha Marbury, but Evelyn is bringing her to London anyway, mostly because she is well aware already that her being there is a tremendous boost to the show. Of course, Suzie Ketcham is most upset given the hotel room fight, but nobody seems altogether interested in starting more arguments upon getting there … so there’s that.

We suppose that there are some out there who will think that this episode was boring, since you were effectively waiting for something to happen that is still an episode away. However, we would argue back that waiting in this case will make the arrival of the story all the better, and you sometimes need this sort of momentum since it can’t just be the weekly scream-fest on VH1.

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Photo: VH1

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