‘Bones’ season 9, episode 5 preview: Chuck Liddell interrupts the planning process

What's ahead -Of course, we begin this “Bones” preview article with what is a very simple warning: If you have yet to see tonight’s episode, you probably need to stop reading now for the sake of your own spoiler free watching party later on.

So here is the situation that we are in: Booth and Brennan are now engaged (hooray), and with that in mind, they can put the focus on planning a wedding rather than having to sit around and wonder what sort of horrible nonsense they are going to have to deal with when it comes to Pelant. Unfortunately for them, the are still a couple of other roadblocks in the way … mostly in the way of their job. This upcoming episode features an appearance from a famed MMA fighter, and also this same man actually getting punched himself. “The Lady on the List” is the name of the hour, and the full synopsis is below:

“The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of Charlie McCord, a high school principal who, upon learning he had terminal cancer, created a website where people could go and pay for his inspirational videos. When the team finds a suspicious video of Charlie punching former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell (guest-starring as himself) in the face, it leads the team to Charlie’s bucket list, which ultimately helps them get closer to solving the case. Meanwhile, Brennan and Booth finally start to plan their wedding and Sweets could be replaced by a virtual profiling system.”

The wedding planning sounds tough, but Sweets’ situation? Not so much. It would really stink for him to suffer in this situation, given that he only recently developed the interest in being back after what happened with his little detour earlier in the season.

Missed the touching proposal on “Bones” tonight? Then you can read a good bit about it in the full review for tonight’s episode here (which also includes an update on David Boreanaz’s future on the show).

Photo: Fox

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