‘Bones’ season 9, episode 4 review: Is Pelant finally gone, and can Booth and Brennan marry?

Take a look -For the past several weeks on “Bones,” a nagging question has really lingered over not just the show, but our leading man and woman in Booth and Brennan: Would they finally be able to push forward their plan to get married? You have been wanting to see it happen for quite a long time, but on tonight’s episode, there was an opportunity to finally get the major roadblock out of the way in Pelant.

But did the characters actually succeed in doing so? If there is one thing that this show has taught us over the years, it is that every time that you think that Pelant is going to be taken down, he rises from the ashes like a phoenix to haunt them again. Somehow, this guy has been kept alive longer than any rational villain should.

But now? Pelant is actually gone. Take a deep breath, and let that sink in. The case is finally closed, and the object of so much anger, frustration, and even at times bizarre fascination is gone from the show. For Booth and Brennan, this news is enormous. It means that they can finally move forward as a couple, and actually be an engaged couple. Booth admitted everything to her the moment that Pelant was finally dead, including the reason why he had to keep this a secret in order to protect the lives of others.

What made this proposal so extra-sweet is that thanks to a video surveillance system, everyone else got an opportunity to watch the big moment as the two kissed, and the wedding planning can finally begin. The only frustrating part of it? That we wish that the Pelant story had covered the first four episodes rather than just the fourth. We know that “Bones” is episodic, but couldn’t you make an exception to build up this plotline?

Are you glad to see that the proposal is finally here, and that “Bones” can start to push forward into some exciting new ground? Be sure to share your thoughts below! Meanwhile, click here if you’re looking for some reassurance that David Boreanaz is in fact staying on board the show for a while longer.

Photo: Fox

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