NBC’s ‘The Voice’ review: Shawn Smith, Matt Cermanski, Brandon Chase close blind auditions

Ready? -Are you ready for the end of ‘The Voice’s” blind auditions? After some humor, some great singers, and plenty more reminders of why this show is a million times more entertaining than “The X Factor,” this phase of the competition came to a close on Monday night with all of the teams being filled.

So what we have moving forward here are some predictable teams. Cee Lo Green has some quirky artists, Adam Levine has a good mix, Christina Aguilera has a bunch of artists with big voices, and of course, Blake Shelton has a ton of country singers and also artists that are going to wish they didn’t pick him when he just chooses the country singers to advance.

Matt Cermanski – A returning contestant, who got a lot of flack last time for coming out and performing a song in “Teenage Dream” from Katy Perry that didn’t really fit him at all. This song was not nearly as popping in terms of a “wait, wait?” factor, but, to be honest, it was a much better performance overall. He got himself a coach, and it’s someone that could do wonders with his voice given his own background. Pick – Adam Levine

Brandon Chase– The best part about this deliberation after Blake and Cee Lo turned the chairs around was that it was infinitely obvious that Brandon was going to choose Blake, so instead it became mostly all about just watching everyone goof around and Cee Lo crack jokes over supposedly wearing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” jacket. Poor Cee Lo never even had a chance. Now if only the show didn’t try to make his entire package about something that happened to him as a baby. Pick – Blake Shelton.

Tamara Chaunice – A great voice, but we’re probably a little harder on R&B / soul singers right now because the few of them who have won singing competitions recently have failed to do much of anything in a genre that is struggling. There’s nothing particularly shocking about her voice here that makes us think that she is going to be heading super-deep into the competition. But, she has a coach, and we suppose that this achievement in itself is something to write home about. Pick – Cee Lo Green

Lupe Carroll – “Flower Delivery Man” had a great little story of meeting the love of his life at a coffee shop, and wanting to do something beyond just making dozens of deliveries during the day, and then occasionally performing at night. He’s got a soulful quality to his voice, but also a singer / songwriter vibe. To us, he’s a little bit of a smoother version of Gavin DeGraw, and he got the one coach who turned around. Pick – Cee Lo Green.

Grey – Seriously? Just “Grey”? Skyler Grey already has this name covered. We do dig the voice, and she has a natural confidence that will get her far on the show. Then again, you have to think that someone willing to call herself “Grey” has to be pretty confident in themselves. Multiple chairs turned around, but her pick led to the first team of the season being full. Pick – Adam Levine.

Michael Lynch – It’s a Latin singer … who’s Irish … from Chicago. This is precisely why this show exists, since we don’t quite imagine that there is another venue in the world where this guy could succeed than this show. While he needs to work on his movement around stage if he really wants to be a Latin legend, the vocals are pretty close to there. Based on what he wants to do with his career, he got the right coach. Not only that, but he completed her team. Pick – Christina Aguilera.

Deanna Johnson – We don’t typically talk much about artists that don’t get a turn, but what is wrong with you people! This was totally Florence Welch 2.0! Pick – No one.

Brian Pounds – This guy, to be honest, didn’t seem like he really should have been a country singer. His voice would be better suited in something a little less genre. We knew he was going to completely Blake’s team, though, but we have to say that Cee Lo had an awesome, mic drop-worthy speech about how country singers can do whatever they want to do. Pick – Blake Shelton

Shawn Smith – Anytime that a singer comes out and says that they want to be called “Big Sexy,” you have to worry about where their head is at. This guy has a pretty good voice, but seems a little more like a character than an artist. While he holds the honor of being the last guy on a team this year, we don’t see him lasting too deep in the competition. Pick – Cee Lo.

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Photo: NBC

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