‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9, episode 4 review: Did Barney forgive Ted over Robin?

The latest -The moment that we saw that Monday night’s “How I Met Your Mother” episode was entitled “The Broken Code,” there was a reason to be excited about it. Finally, we were going to get an opportunity to address the elephant in the room that was the feelings that Ted has for Robin. Barney’s a goofy guy, and his antics have been recorded multiple times across the history of the show, but does that mean that he is actually going to put up with someone potentially getting in the way of his wedding to the woman of his dreams?

The beauty of the episode is that we did eventually get to a point where there was an understanding made between the two of them, with the help of Marshall subbing in while still on the road. Was Jason Segel not available to film at the same time as the rest of the cast or something? We get that the road-trip story makes some sense, but it is a little frustrating after a while to see the two of them apart.

In the end, it was good to see some closure with this nagging loose end, though Ted did admit that it may never be at a point where things aren’t weird between him and Robin. On a different note, the return of William Zabka is kind of hilarious, especially since he’s going to be around for a little while longer as Ted’s almost-nemesis as the two try to work through their issues over Ted getting to be “best man” after the fight was resolved.

As for the B-story, Robin has no female friends, and the story started to revolve around Lily trying to get her to make a new one. We thought that this was going to be the perfect way to introduce the Mother to her, but it didn’t happen. Instead, what we realized that in addition to occasionally having awkward fantasies about her, Lily liked being Robin’s only female friend.

What did you think about “The Broken Code”? Did this deliver on all of your expectations? Click here if you do want to read some more news about what lies ahead, and we want to hear your thoughts on this one below!

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