‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6, episode 5 preview: Charlie Hunnam gets a clue

The latest -Serious conversations have been had here on CarterMatt for the last week or so about “Wolfsangel,” “The Mad King,” and a dozen other topics related to “Sons of Anarchy.” So with that in mind, let’s take a deep breath and look at something a little bit different today: How this promotional photo attached here may be among our favorites that we have ever seen for the show. It’s almost one of those that you want to put online, and then ask other people to try and question it. Are Jax and Chibs doing some tag-team crossword action?

Some popular theories (and by popular, we mean that we just made them up) include…

1. Jax has cleverly disguised his plan to get SAMCRO out of trouble from the Irish and the D.A. by hiding it within a crossword, just so that secret puzzle-mastermind Chibs can figure it out. (We at least like to imagine Tommy Flanagan as a puzzle mastermind.)

2. Charlie Hunnam demanding from the bar that he wants a less goofy-looking pen to do his favorite puzzle.

3. Charlie simply finding a hobby that he can focus on so much that he can avoid the paparazzi asking a near-constant stream of “50 Shades of Grey” questions.

Of course, we want to hear your favorite caption for this below! In a world of being hyper-sensitive about spoilers, we also just find it kind of hilarious that this is one of the images FX decided to release. Clearly, they knew what they were doing here. (Next week, we will get an image of Jax eating a sandwich.)

In diving back to reality for a minute, what we are really going to see on “Sons of Anarchy” moving into tomorrow night is Jax having to reconcile the death of Filthy Phil while continuing to separate the club as much as possible from the school shooting. While that may be easier in some ways with Lee Toric’s death, the other people in law enforcement are just as daunting, mostly because they can be so thorough and by-the-book.

For a more serious look at tomorrow night’s episode, just click here to see our take on Nero, Gemma, and what could come next for their relationship.

Photo: FX

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