‘Sleepy Hollow’ season 1, episode 4 review: Abbie and Ichabod work with Jenny

The latest -“Sleepy Hollow” has quickly become a favorite for viewers and it’s easy to see why. Not only do we have a story that is rich and layered, but the chemistry between Ichabod and Abbie on screen is simply delicious. We love the way they play off each other so effortlessly and how patience they are with each others short comings. These two are the biggest reason that this show is already a success and it was a surprise to no one that the show got renewed for a second season.

Last week we saw Abbie try to make things right with her sister Jenny, only to discover that she had escaped the asylum and this week we picked up right where we left off. Jenny goes to the only person she trusts (a bar owner) to get some personal things he was holding for her (money, passports and guns), but unfortunately Abbie isn’t the only person looking for her.

Luckily Abbie finds Jenny first, at Sheriff Corbin’s old cabin where she discovers that Jenny and Corbin had a relationship of sorts. He used to send her on missions to bring back objects and that on the night he died he told her that he knew death was coming for him. Not only that but he said that if he did die he needed her to protect one of the objects he has, an object that Ichabod recognized as a projector and after shining a light through it they see a map to the location of a mystery chest Ichabod has been wondering about since the days of the Boston Tea party. Unfortunately as quickly as they find it, they lose it to the other side. They do catch one of the people and learn that this was all to get a book of black magic capable of unleashing 72 demons that is found in the chest. Who is this man ultimately working for? The demon that Jenny and Abbie saw in the forest when they were children.

Did they get to the book in time? Not exactly. The ceremony to raise demons had already started when they finally got there, but when Abbie throws the book into the fire it stops the ceremony and all is well in the universe.

Abbie offers Jenny a chance to get out of the asylum (within 6 months) by having her be Jenny’s conservator. It’s nice to see the sisters find their way back to each other, at least it’s a beginning.

While it was a pretty interesting dynamic to have the character of Jenny involved in tonight’s mystery, it took a lot away from the connection that has been building between Abbie and Ichabod since we spent most of our time watching Abbie and Jenny fight as Ichabod refereed. This episode wasn’t as strong as some of the previous ones and we worry that the Jenny character may over shadow what we originally loved about the show if she becomes a more regular player down the road.

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