‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5, episode 2 video: Why human Katherine is wonderful addition

What's next -There have been times on “The Vampire Diaries” where it has been easy to be none too pleased about twists and turns, but the choice to make Katherine into a human is something that we never saw coming. That’s appreciated in itself; plus, it has also turned out to be something that has done the show wonders.

Want to know what to do with a pair of other human characters right now in Jeremy and Matt? How about pairing them up with her? The beauty of this story is that it sticks together a group of people into a story that feels like there is a certain element of danger to it; there’s no longer someone in here who can just use super-speed or suck someone dry if things stop going their way. Silas is a threat much more powerful than any of them, and they therefore have to try and be creative if they want to save themselves. It’s much more about being strategic the having power.

But for the time being, and as evidenced in the latest sneak peek below from the episode, Katherine has another problem to worry about in addition to Silas being on the loose. She’s also sick. To us, there is nothing particularly funnier than seeing a once-immortal vampire freak out over such things as “green stuff,” and wondering if Matt and Jeremy will risk going into a store and picking her up some medication to make her feel better. We imagine that these things are rather hard for her to familiarize herself with, given that there was never really a time before now that Katherine has had a need for medicine.

Who knows what sort of storylines could be next now for Katherine? Maybe she will go and apply for universal healthcare if the right bills pass, and if we were to really get all meta about it, maybe she would appreciate Nina Dobrev stripping down for an ad all about it. But, we imagine that it is probably best to file this away in “twists that are never actually going to happen.”

Photo: The CW (via TVLine)

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