ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3, episode 2 review: Can Emily Thorne fix her own mistakes?

Take a look -Tonight’s episode of “Revenge” proved to us one thing rather definitively: This is not the same version of the show that we were watching for most of last year. While “Sin” is not a perfect episode by any means, it does mark a significant improvement and achievement over what was around at this point last year.

Big news #1? The story is so much simpler than it has ever been before and while it’s sometimes fun to follow crazy intricate storylines, this show really needed to get back to the basics. This time around we know all of the characters, and also see just what the goal is. Emily Thorne is after the Grayson family like never before, and she is putting her focus solely on that, but tonight’s episode introduced a new wrinkle in that her target of a takedown, Pastor Paul, was not necessarily a bad man in the slightest. He was someone that actually had a reputation of doing some good things, and did not have the trail of crimes and killings behind him. As a matter of fact, even Nolan encouraged her that this was not someone that she would find any justice in ruining the life of.

Did Emily learn here that this was a man that could possibly be redeemed? Well, let’s just say that Paul is now gone, and the biggest surprise that we had here is that Conrad seems to be changing things around now that he thinks that his life is on the line. Can people change? That is a complicated question that the show is asking, and we may have an answer soon enough.

As for other story highlights, the relationship between Emily and Daniel is apparently strong enough to keep him from cheating on her with Margeaux, who is someone that he is agreeing to still help. Meanwhile, Aiden and Victoria are still “working” together, at least in theory, but she is still trying to figure out whether or not he can be trusted.

What did you think about this episode, and do you stand by our belief that this season is so much more improved from last year? Be sure to share what you think below! Meanwhile, head on over to the link here if you want to take a look at some more news related to the show (including a preview for next week).

Photo: ABC

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