‘The Blacklist’ episode 3 preview: Does Red actually need help for a change?

The Blacklist -On the first two episodes of “The Blacklist,”  we saw a show that revolved mostly around one central theme: Red offering up his help to the government in order to catch some nefarious criminals, but all with his own motivations for it unclear.

But what happens when things start to shift ever so slightly, and we have what could be best referred to as a role reversal. We are actually going to see Red in need of some help from Liz for a change. What could it be? That is still a mystery for the time being. However, the standout moment from the sneak peek below is the quick realization that Liz makes here that for the first time, she may actually hold some of the power of James Spader’s character. Finally, after a great deal of waiting and wondering, she can try to leverage her own situation for information.

So what is she specifically going to want to know? Think somewhere along the lines of only the biggest question at the center of this entire series yet again: Why in the world did he want to have her help for all of these missions over anyone else, especially when you remember that she is a virtual unknown within the organization. Wouldn’t he want someone who is going to be able to help him on a bigger level? For whatever reason sees her as a personal savior and she wants to know why (and so do we). Let’s just go ahead and say this one more time: Please, dear TV Gods, don’t let Red be her father. This would be the worst groan-inducing twist at this point, given that everyone knows that it is the most cliched possibility out there. This show is so good and to have a reveal as weak as this would sink the quality in our eyes.

One thing that we can say for sure about “The Blacklist” is that you’ll be seeing a lot more of it. The show was recently picked up for a full season, and won’t be going anywhere in the near future.

Photo: NBC, video via SpoilerTV

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