‘Bones’ season 9, episode 4 preview: Booth, Brennan, and the plan to stop Pelant

What's ahead -Tomorrow night’s “Bones” season 9 episode is more than just significant to the story; it’s imperative. This is going to be one of the first opportunities that we have to really see whether or not Pelant can be captured, and they want him alive in the process. If there is any hope for Booth and Brennan getting married later this fall (which seems to be the plan), he does need to be in handled. Otherwise, someone will die! Just imagine us saying that with as dramatic a repose as possible, and you would be correct about how important we feel it is that the Pelant storyline come to a close.

The sneak peek below from Monday’s episode is all about planning, and how difficult it is going to be for Booth and Brennan to figure this out. Basically, they have to find a way to trick Pelant without having his inner Admiral Ackbar warning him about it. If there is a man who can’t been fooled, this is him.

Overall, expect this to be the most intense episode of the season by a mile. Any nerves or anxiety that Booth has going into this will be even worse by the midway point of this episode. While you know that there may be a happy ending at the end, remember this: There are going to be some consequences, and even on the wedding day, these lovebirds may not be out of the woods.

Do you think that this is finally going to be the episode that we see Pelant captured for good, or are we looking at yet another teaser in order to prepare for the show coming back following the baseball hiatus? In moving from the serious to the silly, just be sure to click here. That is where you can see a video that is all about this couple getting in bed, and being VERY descriptive about it to boot.

Photo: Fox

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