‘Super Clyde’: CBS to put Rupert Grint – Greg Garcia pilot online October 9

CBS -Oh, “Super Clyde,” how we wish that you could have been a series. When we first heard about the prospect of this show, which starred Rupert Grint (of the “Harry Potter” films) as a fast-food worker turned wannabe superhero, it immediately had us excited. It was the “Kick-Ass” of TV shows, except not nearly as violent and probably immensely funnier. Plus, it had the master of blue-collar comedies on board as executive producer in Greg Garcia (of “My Name is Earl” and “Raising Hope”).

So in theory, the stars were all aligning here for this to be ridiculously hilarious and a great addition to the CBS lineup; but, theories are not always proven right. The network passed on the show in May, mostly due to it being somewhat off-brand for a network that airs more fare geared towards the older crowd to have a show that was more for the 18-35 age range. With that logic, we never quite understood why they took a chance on a show that they were never going to pick up in the first place.

But at least this superhero’s tale is not done being told for the time being. During a recent Reddit AMA in order to promote “The Millers,” Garcia said that CBS was going to place the pilot online come October 9, which is great news for us in that we’ll have something fun to look forward to watching. This is at least CBS recognizing that there is an audience online for this show that could be interested in checking it out.

Want to play the conspiracy angle? Well, then maybe they are testing the waters to see if they are making a mistake in passing it up, but it seems unlikely that this is really the case. Many of the actors once attached have now moved on to other things, and to try and revive the show now could be difficult. It should be noted though, that this is not a banner year again for new comedies. The premiere of “The Millers” did okay but not great given the lead-in, and “We Are Men,” “Welcome to the Family,” “Dads,” and “Trophy Wife” are all struggling on their respective networks. The best comedy of the year, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” is also facing a challenge when it comes to stay on the air.

Come back on Wednesday, and we’ll tell you what we really think about CBS’ decision to pass on this project.

Photo: CBS

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