‘Ink Master’ season 3 finale preview: Jime Litwalk, Tatu Baby, Joey Hamilton compete for the title

Ink MasterIn just a few days we are going to see which artist will be crowned “Ink Master” for season 3 on live TV and while there are some aspects of this finale that we are really excited about, there are some parts that just rub us the wrong way.

First, let’s focus on one of the aspects that the finale got right. We liked the idea of America voting an artist back into the competition last year, but we really love the twist this year. Instead of it being purely a popularity contest, we will have the top two eliminated artists with the highest votes (you can vote at Spike TV) go head to head as they tattoo for a chance to come back for season 4. We love that they will actually have to compete for that spot instead of just being popular enough to come back, but may not be the best artist.

Speaking of popular artists that were voted back in, but weren’t the greatest and still made the final 3, we have Tatu Baby. Was she put into the finals so that there wasn’t an opportunity for America to vote her back in again? It’s possible, but the way that the judges have been treating her most of the season tell us a different story. We were huge fans of Tatu Baby last season. She wasn’t the best, but she was likeable and there were a few tattoos she really nailed (we still remember her Yoda tattoo as one of our favorites last season). This season her work was either okay, bad or just she didn’t finish her tattoo (3 times). We are still in disbelief that she made it to the finale with this performance over people like Kyle or Joshua, but it seemed to be the plan by production to have the popular contestant voted in by America go far in the competition. Is this going to be a problem again next season?

The one thing we are really looking forward to seeing in the finale are these 35 hour tattoos that the contestants have been working on over the past few months. We know that Tatu Baby is taking on a back piece, while Joey Hamilton decided to work on a smaller space so that he can have more time for details rather then just making the tattoo massive. Jime Litwalk has a canvas that has a lot of artwork on them already so we are curious to see what he does. We’d love to see Jime come into the finale with a piece that’s not new school and just blow everyone away, but we expect everyone to focus on the style they know they best… this is their last shot at the prize money after all.

This is really a two person race between Joey and Jime (unless something really crazy happens). While it would be pretty cool to see a new school artist win since they usually get the short end of the stick on this show, we find it hard to see anyone other then Joey taking the title this season.

Who do you think is going to win “Ink Master” season 3, Jime, Tatu Baby or Joey? Were you happy with the final 3 or was there someone else you thought should be finals? We will be back tomorrow with our very last “Ink Master” season 3 rankings, an in depth list of why each contestant should (or shouldn’t) win the title on Tuesday, so be sure to check back and have your say on who should win and why.

Photo: Spike TV

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