‘Saturday Night Live’ with Miley Cyrus starting late due to football, will begin at 11:57

More news -Sad news for those of you hoping to be in bed by 1:00 a.m.: “Saturday Night Live” featuring Miley Cyrus is going to be running a little bit later than usual in order to accommodate something that frustrates everyone who is not a sports fan this time of year: Football running late.

It is a little unusual, though, to see this sort of delay happen for the NBC show during the fall, since we are talking about college football rather than the NFL, and this is not a show that they really like to see run late. Why? It’s a ratings stalwart, and fares better than anything that typically airs on primetime for the night. If you add to that the sole fact that Miley Cyrus, the host tonight, has a particularly young fanbase, that is probably even worse news for the show.

But hardcore “SNL” fans should take note that the show is going to be back on starting at 11:57 p.m. Eastern time, where you will hopefully see some of the comedy that you have been hoping for. Miley’s humor these days is all over the place and insane, and for that reason it may actually be better that it airs later in the night. Are there really going to be that many people who sit around and complain about something risque that airs after midnight or possibly even after one in the morning? We are definitely about to find out. Miley is, after all, serving as both the host and the musical guest and her antics as of late have been questionable at best and a twerking disaster at worst.

We’re going to be your full source for all things related to the show tonight, which we’re just hoping it is at the same level as the pretty strong outing from Miley last time. Bookmark the link here and come back after the show, as we’ll have a full review published.

Photo: NBC

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