‘Basketball Wives’ season 5, episode 8 preview: Tami Roman, Suzie Ketcham talk Tasha (video)

The latest -On this past episode of “Basketball Wives,” we saw what was one of our favorite reality TV fights of the entire year, mostly when it comes to just how completely awkward / hilarious it was. Let’s try to summarize it as simply as we can: Suzie Ketchan decided to confront Tasha Marbury in her hotel room about basically calling her insignificant and a coward. After a few choice words were had by both women Tasha threw Suzie out. While waiting for the elevator, Tasha decided to meet Suzie in the hallway to tell her off some more, and then ended with Suzie knocking Tasha’s precious hat off her head and onto the ground. The reaction to this was something so horrendous, you would have thought that Suzie just murdered her family before her eyes.

There’s only one thing that is almost as entertaining as the fight itself, and that’s the re-telling of the fight. That is what the sneak peek below is for!

In it, you can see Suzie sitting down with Tami Roman and giving what is more or less a blow-by-blow of what happened, including her trying to trace back some “angry bird” comments that may have been said about her following another ridiculous / hilarious moment: The great birthday party-ditching of a couple of weeks ago. Somehow, we’re sure this will also find its way back to Tasha, and around and around we go. This is probably why this show is as entertaining as it is: Nothing stays buried, and the women fight about useless things most of the time. While the touch of harsh reality earlier this year concerning Evelyn Lozada was sobering, we’re personally pumped to see the show doing again what it does best.

What do you think about this video, and do you find it somewhat hilarious that we are still hearing talk about “angry bird” comments? Be sure to share below! If you want to get a sense of even more insanity related to this show, click here for our review of this past episode.

Photo: VH1

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