‘NCIS’ season 11 spoilers: Why is Michael Weatherly’s Tony smiling?

The latest -Here is something that is probably going to make an inquisitive mind raise an eyebrow slightly: The sight of Tony DiNozzo smiling on Tuesday night’s “NCIS” episode. The question of course that comes to mind is simply why he would be happy right now. He’s just gone through an epic mission to find Ziva, more or less admitted his feelings for her, kissed her, and is now coming back alone. Is there anything at all for him to be happy about?

That would be the instantaneous reaction one would have to looking at this picture, but then we have to remember that it is an out-of-context picture. These can mean more or less anything in the right setting. Maybe someone just told him a funny joke, or is trying to get him to smile after being down in the dumps. Maybe Gibbs has jumped in front of him alongside a flash mob. (Okay, that is probably the most unlikely of the theories.) Regardless of whatever it could be, there are plenty of reasons for Tony to still smile: He still has great friends, a great career, and it is not necessarily that he and Ziva are over forever. She still could come back at some point in the future.

This episode is entitled “Under the Gun,” and revolves around the team actually using Twitter in part to help solve a case. Maybe that is actually why Tony is smiling here: Maybe he is watching Gibbs try to understand how to tweet and follow people. (It also makes some sense given Michael Weatherly has an account in real life, and Mark Harmon does not.)

What do you think is going on here? Have any theories on smile-gate? Share below! We have spoken rather extensively on Cote de Pablo’s exit at this point, and you can get some of the final word on it here courtesy of series boss Gary Glasberg.

Photo: CBS

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