‘American Horror Story: Coven’ spoilers: Kathy Bates, a Minotaur highlight latest video

Bates -What is it with all of the horns that we are seeing in “American Horror Story: Coven”? We have already figured out that executive producer Ryan Murphy is clearly trying to say something by throwing so much of this particular motif onto the show, and the challenge now comes merely in trying to figure out what he is ultimately trying to say. (That’s what the comment box below is for!)

What has us excited about the latest promo for the season is that it does something more than dangle a couple of creepy images on us before jumping to the title card; instead, you actually get some real footage of the episodes that are coming up. One of the more interesting appearances here is going to be coming courtesy of a Minotaur, which is one of those horned creatures with a human body joining the likes of “cow-person” and the bullhorn that we saw sticking out of someone’s mouth in one of the other teasers for the show.

Also, there is Kathy Bates being Kathy Bates (creepy and amazing), and Angela Bassett being Angela Bassett (strong and scary) … in other words, we are in for some awesome stuff this season. Based on some screenings of the pilot recently, the buzz is suddenly tremendously strong that this season may be a step above “Asylum” last year, and it really should be give the insane level of talent that is involved here. There is clearly a war brewing, and we are coming close to what could very well be the modern day version of the Salem Witch Trials.

In speaking of some of those other excellent cast members, we’ve got a whole slew of photos to show off of some of them, including Jessica Lange and Patti LuPone. You can view them here, and we advise you to stay tuned: We’ll be scaring up some more juicy “Coven” scoop every day from now until the show is back on October 9th.

Photo: FX

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