‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 7 spoilers: Meet … Albert Einstein?

Here it is -Over the years, “The Big Bang Theory” has managed to pick up quite a few notable guest stars. You have the likes of Wil Wheaton, Sara Gilbert, Keith Carradine, Leonard Nimoy, Stephen Hawking, real-life astronauts, and others who have redefined both science fiction and also sitcoms in some shape or form, but they all have one thing in common: They are alive. We can’t say this for the next character that is being “cast” on the show.

Before we say anything else, we should probably make it clear here that no, the series is not now in the process of having a “Walking Dead” crossover … which is probably a good thing since AMC would then greenlight it and make several more spin offs as well. Instead, E! News reports that Sheldon is going to have a bizarre dream sequence later this fall with none other than Albert Einstein and Archimedes, and it is going to have a very bizarre twist to go along it. Need we say more? We could, but we’re not about ruining jokes here. (There probably is a good one though about three science masterminds walking into a bar.)

Sheldon has been having himself some rather weird and vivid dreams recently, which makes us wonder if there is something off or changing about the character’s stringent eating routine. If you remember back to the premiere, there was a case of him having a pretty significant problem with Leonard gone, and him constantly fearing as though he was going to be devoured by an enormous “Clash of the Titans” sort of Kraken (the only good part of that movie).

Now, if “The Big Bang Theory” manages to find a way to get a big-name star to actually come on and play Einstein, then they may be on to something here. Would we hesitate to call that casting genius? Not even for a second. The challenge now has to be to try and one-up the Bill Nye casting, which is clearly the most exciting addition that we’ve seen to the show yet.

Photo: CBS

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