‘True Blood’ season 7 debate: Is there hope for Pam and Tara?

Could it happen? -There were some good things that came out of “True Blood” season 7, including the opportunity to get closure for all of the series regulars before they go off and do something other things. We spent the final few weeks freaking out over Eric Northman following rumors that Alexander Skarsgard’s character was going to face the true death, and it didn’t quite happen (though there was a close call at the end).

Unfortunately, there are also some drawbacks that go along with it … including seeing any sort of potential Tara / Pam story play out (are they going to end up together or not?) One of the many disappointments in season 6 (which started bad and got stronger as it went along) was that the kiss we saw during the season 5 finale went nowhere. It was almost like someone slammed on the breaks and sent the vampires to their corners.

But is there hope now? We’re still optimistic, but we can’t see the premiere starting with the two running towards each other at a fevered pace. There are going to be some other, pretty substantial issues that they have to touch on before coming to a point where they could be together, including Pam running off to try and find Eric before we surged forward in time many months. Now, the show is keeping us in the dark as to what is going on there.

In the end, there seems to ending for these two to celebrate save for them being together. For Tara, having Pam would be her having someone in her life who finally has her back unconditionally. Meanwhile, for Pam it would mean finally letting go somewhat of Eric, and being able to move forward with someone else and be happy.

Do you think that Pam and Tara should get together before “True Blood” comes to a close? Be sure to sound off in the poll below! Meanwhile, also check out some of the other season 7 pieces we’ve written about Jason Stackhouse, Sookie’s love life, and what should ultimately happen with Eric. The show returns to HBO with all-new episodes next summer.

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