‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 video: Watch three parts of ‘The Oath’ web series

More news -Since we are now just a mere week away from the season 4 premiere of “The Walking Dead,” why not enjoy some footage a little bit early? You may have heard about this web series “The Oath” quite a bit over the past month, and as long as you have yourself a good half-hour to sit down and enjoy it, we imagine that you are going to be pretty happy in the end.

We don’t really feel the need to spoil too much of this for you now, mostly because you can just watch it below,  but we will say this: It is an entertaining addition to the series’ canon, and a nice little appetizer for the rest of the fall. Is it as strong as the show? No, but that’s something that we would never expect from a web show anyways. It does a great job at getting us excited for “The Walking Dead” to come back next Sunday and that’s really that’s all we want.

As for why AMC wanted to do this from a business point of view, that answer is simple: AMC loves money, and they are making plenty of it right now courtesy of finding some new ways to promote this show. There’s a reason why they are getting ready to launch another show set in the same world (but with a new cast of characters), and this new series has 16 episodes a year, which is more than anything else on their network.

What is your take on “The Oath” overall? Does it deliver the entertainment, or do you much prefer your “Walking Dead” featuring all of the beloved characters? If you want to check out some more great stuff via Lauren Cohan, click here. Here’s a warning though: Somehow, she also manages to talk about dead things in here, but in a funny way.

Photo: AMC

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