‘Homeland’ season 3, episode 2 preview: Claire Danes and a powerful scene

See Carrie -Claire Danes has to be loving life right now. She’s a two-time Emmy winner, gets to star on one of the best shows on TV in “Homeland,” and continues to be handed great material week after week. It’s every TV actor’s dream, but one that only a few of them actually get to think about except when going to bed.

Ironically, an actor’s dream is typically a character’s nightmare, given that meaty material more often than not equals someone whose life is completely and totally falling apart. Carrie Mathison fits the bill here in so many ways. While she was never someone who was just relishing in every little moment of life in the first place, she’s being blamed for the link to Nicholas Brody, the person held responsible for the Langley bombing. The twist here? That he actually wasn’t the one responsible for the bombings, even if no one chooses to acknowledge or believe her.

So with that in mind, where does she turn? How about to any TV outlet that will let her have her say? This is where we are going in the sneak peek below from Sunday’s episode, where Carrie sits down with a reporter and tries to share her side of the story. The problem here is that she comes across in the scene like the one person saying that aliens are real while everyone else in the intellectual community laughs in his or her face. She may have a true story, but it’s not one that can be told without the police showing up under what she believes are [insert curse word here] charges, designed mostly to shut her up.

So all in all, another day for Carrie. Nothing goes right, and she has a reason to be as emotionally unstable as she is. Want more evidence of this? Then just click here for another sneak peek, and one that focuses very much on Saul and what he is trying to do to stop Carrie.

Photo: Showtime, video via SpoilerTV

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