‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9 video: Can ‘The Broken Code’ restore the drama?

The latest -What makes “How I Met Your Mother” an interesting comedy is merely that it is more than just a comedy. It has always had a certain element of darkness and drama to it, mostly because the entire premise of the show is watching a guy continue fail to the point where he thinks that he will eventually end up alone. It is only at that point that we see the sky suddenly start to open up for him, as hope shines down giving us that feeling that maybe, just maybe, true love will be there at last.

Okay, so enough of the cliches. The problem with the last two episodes has been that they have just been a silly party with silly stories about old people and Marshall being forced to wear a Green Bay Packers jersey. There was not really that much in the way of drama at all, and this is a wedding weekend. The reason that people get drunk at weddings is to pretend like everything is all right even though they know it’s not.

Luckily, this is where “The Broken Code” comes into play, and we see Ted and Barney struggle with the fact that there is a deep secret that has been hidden between the two of them: The feelings that Ted still has for Robin. Barney saw him at the carousel trying to hold her hand (the most awkward sight ever), which leads to a “confrontation” about it outside of the romantic Farmhampton retreat. Barney asks the question point-black: What was up with it? Ted deflects it, saying that the moment was nothing, and he was just trying to help her find a locket since Barney was not there to lend a helping hand.

So does Barney unleash a string of curse words at him, or try and strangle him with a tie? Hardly. Instead, he merely says that everything is fine and goes about his business … for now. While this video ends with crying over a busted bottle of scotch, something tells us that the real drama is not over yet. Ted never gets away with anything this easily.

Watch the sneak peek below, and if you are the greedy type, click here to see another. More scoop will be on its way soon about this episode, so be sure to check back.

Photo: CBS

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