‘Hell on Wheels’ season 3 finale spoilers: Cullen Bohannon vs. the Swede, and conflict resolution

What's next? -Going into tomorrow night’s “Hell on Wheels” season 3 finale, are we going to be seeing the showdown of the century? It’s probably a little too bold to say that, but what we are going to see is a showdown that has been a year in the making: Cullen vs. the Swede. The only difference is that now the tables have completely turned.

There will be poetry in this moment, as the attacker is the attacked and vice-versa; but will justice be served either way? That all depends on what your idea of justice is. The Swede has developed a knack for impersonation since we last saw him, and he fits the new role perfectly of a man serving as a Mormon bishop. The power he yields is frightening, and the irony of a man in his position offering salvation is chilling to say the least.

While Bohannon’s fate could rest in this man’s hands, one season removed from his attempt to hang him prior to the man’s escape, one other thing to watch out for is whether or not Elam, without any help from anyone, is going to be able to effectively come to his rescue. If he can do it, then the game changes dramatically; if not, then Bohannon is looking to start season 4 (if there is a season 4, more on that tomorrow) as either a prisoner or in a grave.

So there you have it: Three characters, and a feeling that almost anything could happen to resolve this complicated conflict. The only thing that we anticipate for sure is that one way or another, not everything will be resolved just yet.

Is there anything in particular that you are looking to see on “Hell on Wheels” tomorrow night? Share below, and if you want to read even more, take a look over here to read some more scoop about what is going to be coming up.

Photo: AMC

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