‘White Collar’ season 5 video: Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay, and action highlight new promo

What's next? -We mention “action” in the title, and we have to say that when we’re talking about this season of “White Collar,” we’re referring to more than just punches and thievery. There is going to be quite a bit going on in the romance department this season, and we say this with apologies to Hilarie Burton fans out there. (We might as well get used to it now folks.)

Even though the promo below is only in total around 30 seconds in length, those 30 seconds are pretty incredible when you consider everything that they manage to cram in there. It starts off with Neal (Matt Bomer) visiting Peter (Tim DeKay) in prison, and there is a pretty clever line thrown in there about how Peter realizes the terrible sort of irony that is coming with this situation. He’s gone from being the savior-of-sorts to Neal (though he would never use that word) to a man that now could use his help.

So what does Neal end up doing? Basically, he puts himself in further jeopardy by getting rid of the bracelet, and he also ends up cutting some sort of a deal with the Dutchman (Mark Sheppard), a character that we were first introduced to all the way back in the pilot. Somewhere along the way, we are going to meet a new love interest for Neal (Bridget Regan), and there will be twists and turns that put the lives of many characters in jeopardy. The one that you will really be holding your breath about takes place in the midsseason finale … and that is all we will say for now.

What do you think is coming up on “White Collar”? Share what you think in the comments below! Meanwhile, click here if you want to see another promo for the show that can be best described as an exercise in beat poetry with Mozzie.

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