‘Downton Abbey’ season 4, episode 3 photos: Spoilers on Michelle Dockery, Lily James

The latest -With Sunday night’s “Downton Abbey” episode vastly approaching, it appears to be the perfect time for a simple tease: Who is ready for a party? There is going to be quite a lavish bash taking place at the famous residence, and one featuring quite the assortment of characters that is definitely worth being excited about.

But what about in terms of Lady Mary? You may have seen during the sneak peek that we are going to see the arrival of some important characters, including a man in Lord Anthony Gillingham who could be both a valuable resource and a possible future love interest for Mary. Don’t let this photo of the two of them dancing fool you: Michelle Dockery and Tom Cullen are still not going to be playing lovers so soon after the death of Matthew. This is going to be a long journey more so than something that happens rather quickly. The two have a past, and that will help her to feel comfortable around him, but it’s going to take someone very special who puts in a lot of time and energy to win Mary’s heart. Just look at everything Matthew went through in order to win her over. Mary is not an easy woman to land.

More -Unfortunately for Mary, some other characters could be creating some problems for her … including the show’s resident troublemaker in Lily James’ Lady Rose. While she may not be causing guys to beat up one another at a party this week, she is going to do something to Mary that causes her to think of something that she would rather have stored deep within her memory. This suggest conflict, and that in turn is always a signal for an interesting episode. Let’s just hope that the Rose storyline is ultimately more relevant to characters we care about this time.

What do you think about some of these photos, and do you have any particular expectations for the episode? If so, do share below! Meanwhile, click here to hear a little bit ore about why this episode in particular is causing so much hysteria when it comes to the press.

Photo: ITV

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