‘Masters of Sex’ episode 2 preview: Virginia tries to discuss ‘the proposal’ (video)

Masters of Sex -At the end of the “Masters of Sex” premiere on Sunday night, there was a pretty significant scene between Dr. Masters and Virginia that really sets the stage for the rest of the series. Why is that? In this scene, we saw Bill tell Virginia that as a way to basically hinder any interference form either him or her that could come up during the couples sex study, the two should sleep together being their own test subjects. She said that she would take the weekend to think about it, but can she really go through with this… even in the name of science?

In the sneak peek below from Sunday night’s (also excellent) new episode, Virginia walks into Masters’ office, telling him that she has thought about what she wants to do in terms of the proposal. However, it turns out that the opinion that she has on the subject ultimately doesn’t matter, and there is one simple reason for that: The study is not going anywhere right now. Because the provost found out that copulation between couples had become part of the study, the funding was set to completely vanish like a well-planned magic trick.

Unfortunately, there is even worse news in here for Virginia: Bill more or less blames her for the leak ever getting to the higher-ups at the university, saying that her involvement with a certain doctor in Ethan is a big reason why. She denies that he would ever do anything like this at all, and this is something that only seems to throw him into an even greater sense of fury.

We’ll close here with two small teasers: Ethan will tell his side of the story within this episode on whether or not he was the one who ratted them out, and Virginia is going to have quite a bit to deal with this week when it comes to trying to make Masters happy again.

What do you think about this video, and are you excited to see what comes up Sunday? Click here if you missed our review of the premiere and you want to hear a little bit more scoop, and we’ll have another sneak peek to share tomorrow.

Photo: Showtime

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