‘Homeland’ season 3, episode 2 preview: Saul tries to make ‘amends’ … or does he?

The latest -Going into Sunday night’s episode of “Homeland,” there is a question that almost everyone wants to know: Why in the world would Saul stab Carrie in the back? From a logical point of view, you could argue that there is a certain element of sense that comes from it. Saul knows that he needs to have someone take the fall right now in order to save the CIA, and Carrie is admittedly the easiest target of them all. She has not been taking her meds properly, and in between this and her already well-documented history, it becomes easy for her to be labeled the “crazy girl,” and then Saul can go about his life without repercussion.

But if you thought for whatever reason that this was bad, just wait until you see what Saul decides that he is going to do to her next. In the sneak peek from Sunday night’s new episode (which you can check out below), he hits Carrie where it could hurt the most: Her home. He tries to convince her parents that he is on her side, and trying to actually do right by her by getting her to stay inside and lay low rather than talk to reporters.

Is he really trying to help her or is this just a ploy to help himself? While we don’t necessarily think that she is doing herself a whole world of favors at the moment, she is hardly at the same time hurting herself since her case is pretty screwed if she sits there and says nothing. This whole issue may just come down to who makes the biggest low blow first, and Saul proved on Sunday that he is, despite being a longtime confidante of Carrie’s, willing to go there in order to save the hide of both himself and the organization.

Want to see more of what Saul is up to? Then just click here, and check back tomorrow for yet another sneak peek from this episode.

Photo: Showtime, video via SpoilerTV

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