ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3, episode 1 preview: Meet Paul the Priest

Victoria -New character alert! On Sunday night’s new episode of “Revenge,” we will get an opportunity to see yet another person who has a connection to the Grayson family, and a history that is not exactly a good one: Paul. This priest is apparently someone that Victoria was not exactly expecting to ever see again, and yet, he has resurfaced for her at quite an inopportune time, when the family is already going through so much with Conrad’s “diagnosis.”

In the video below, it is revealed that Paul was asked to have a role in the wedding ceremony between Emily and Daniel, and he arrives to speak with her in an effort to actually put some of the past bygones to rest. Is that going to work? As of right now, we’d put the prognosis on that as “doubtful.” We already know the sort of person that Victoria is, and there is really no changing that. Even her showing off her good-natured side with Patrick is something that is only temporary. As soon as he goes away, it is then back to more of the same madness.

As for what other role Paul could have in this episode, all we can say for now is that his story is tied to Emily’s in a substantial way. He could be a target of a season 1-esque take down, or he could be a piece in a much larger puzzle. The one thing that we can say is that the show is navigating now in a direction that feels much more like the original flavor for the show, and not something that was a part of a very disappointing second outing.

Want to get a closer look at this upcoming episode? The title is “Sin,’ and you can click here if you want to watch a more detailed preview for the hour.

Photo: ABC

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