‘Two and a Half Men’ season 11, episode 2 preview: ‘It feels like home again’

The latest -No matter how much things change on “Two and a Half Men” sometimes, they still stay the same. Even though we have a new character now in Jenny (Amber Tamblyn), she is very much just bringing some of that Charlie Harper energy back to the show.

Case in point? The preview video below for tonight’s episode, which features her jumping over a railing and running for cover when some other woman (presumably someone that she has slept with) has figured out where she is. It’s an old-fashioned confrontation except with two women rather than a woman and a man. Tamblyn seems to relish the opportunity to do this role, mostly because it’s such a 180 from anything that she has done before. (The quote in the title comes from Berta after seeing some of this unfold.)

We’re also seeing this week Alan wearing women’s underwear. In case you were wondering why Jon Cryer has multiple Emmy wins and millions of dollars, it’s probably because he’s willing to subject himself to such humiliation here on a weekly basis. The underwear that we are talking about here belong to Lyndsey, who he is sleeping with as a sort of side dish behind the back of the man she’s actually in a relationship with. That’s right: Alan has become even more pathetic than usual, which is something that we never thought possible after we saw him with “train guy” Herb last season.

The expectation for tonight is really about the same as with any other episode of the show: It will be worth a few good laughs, and you may enjoy it so long as you don’t allow anything to actually get in your head. “Two and a Half Men” is not going to try to be Shakespeare all of a sudden; they know their money is in fart jokes and booze, and they stick with it.

Oh, and since Tamblyn is now a series regular, she is going to be going along for the ride, as well.

Photo: CBS

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