‘Dragon’s Den’ review: Fetal Beats, Monjeloco Jeans, Three Works Apple Chips, Scrotum Bliss

Dragon's Den -While we have been talking about “Shark Tank” for several years now, why not head a little bit north of the border to talk about the Canadian version that existed before it? With that, we turn to “Dragon’s Den,” a compelling show in its own right for business lovers; heck, it even still has Kevin O’Leary on it. (Robert Herjavec also used to be a part of it.)

The premiere tonight had some pretty cool things shown off from both the worlds of food and technology. Want to know more about any given product? Then just click on the link before we present you with our take on it.

Three Works Apple Chips – A pretty tasty-looking product, but admittedly, apple chips are not exactly something that is revolutionary to anyone. The only thing that makes this product remotely revolutionary is that they come in a canister. Jim Treliving took half of the company for $300,000, but could help him get distribution in other parts of the world. With that in mind, it’s probably the right deal even at the high cost.

Ultimate Adventure – Given that this website is not even online now, it did not end very well. Given how terrible this presentation was, to the point where the man pitching was reading off of a cue card, this was an unholy mess from the start. Why even come in to the Den at this point? Another problem: If we can tell what font you are using because it is on Microsoft Word, it’s also a problem.

Monjeloco Jeans – The idea for this product is smart: Jeans that accentuate the bottom. Everyone is really looking for a jean that accents a certain part of your body, and fit comfortably in the process. The price was right for a specialty jean, but the valuation here for far too high at the end of day. When you ask for money, and then want to use it for retail, you are looking effectively at a recipe for disaster. The Dragons still tried to find a way to go in, but they just couldn’t figure out how to put the pieces together.

Happy Zak Scrotum Bliss – It’s so insane! The den is going on a losing streak here, and a product for scrotum relief is not going to change that. The evaluation wasn’t that bad, but the entire presentation was just so bizarre … and who wanted to really say that they wanted to get involved in a lotion product with this name? No deal.

Fetal Beats – We’re seeing all of these great sort of apps on various products these days, so why not basically give yourself the ability to have a portable ultrasound? These are the sort of things that expecting parents would want, since it would alleviate some of those worries. Plus, we’re sure that these dragons were ready to buy into any product that does not involve “scrotum bliss.” While these two may not be the best salespeople we’ve ever seen, they did get a deal with David Chilton and Bruce Croxon. There is a royalty involved here that will only go as low as 5%, but it may be worth it with the marketing that will be handed to them.

What do you think about this episode? If you want to read some more news when it comes to the American version in “Shark Tank,” just be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: CBC

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