‘Duck Dynasty’ season 4, episode 7 review: Turtle power

Check it out -After a week off likely so A&E could recharge its batteries and avoid some of the competition from the new fall series that were debuting, “Duck Dynasty” came back on Wednesday night with an episode that was mostly pretty fun. You had Si acting like a crazy person, and at least Phil was stuck doing a pretty entertaining menial task this time around in searching for a new pet turtle for Miss Kay.

We’ll talk about the turtles for at least a second here, mostly because this almost in a nut shell (or a half-shell?) symbolizes why so many people love Phil as this family patriarch: He’s a guy who acts all tough and old-school, but really has a sweet interior and just wants to please his wife the majority of the time. That means that he will sit around for hours catching random turtles, hoping desperately that one of them meets Kay’s seal of approval so that the madness can stop, and he can go back inside.

The story with Willie was actually a little more tired this time around, and mostly because it revolved around something that has been seen on this show a number of times already: Si going off and doing his own thing, which resulted in him being on a runaway scooter ride where he needed to be rescued. Si is sometimes the funniest character on the show, but other times, he is the most unbelievable character and his stunts go a little bit further than they really should. This is probably the best sort of example of this happening that we can think of. It was just a little bit too much of the crazy.

But now, we turn it over to you, fellow duck fanatics: Where does this episode stand up in comparison to all of the others? Sound off below! Meanwhile, click here to see our look at the last new episode, and stay tuned for more weekly reviews.

Photo: A&E

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