‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5 spoilers: Paul Wesley on Stefan’s changes, Silas’ attitude

The latest -Oh, the luxury of having two separate characters to talk about. That is where we are at when it comes to season 5 of “The Vampire Diaries,” as Paul Wesley has his work cut out for him in bringing both Stefan and Silas to life. They are both very different people, and they each have different stories to tell and motivations moving forward.

When it comes to Stefan, it’s not exactly going to be an eventful start of the season on Thursday night courtesy of him basically being drowned again and again and again. When he gets out, this is going to have changed him in the sort of ways in which you would expect such a situation to impact someone who is suffering to the point of death. Wesley more or less says as such in a new interview with TV Guide:

“Stefan is really screwed up in the head when he gets out of this quarry. He has had all these torturous experiences and so now doesn’t react the same way as he used to and he’s not as malleable. He’s definitely a different man.”

While Stefan may be changing, Silas is going to be consistently evil and with a different attitude than every other vampire in Mystic Falls. He’s not gruesome, and brings almost an air of sly sophistication to the world. Heck, he refused to even drink blood in the same way that most other vampires do:

“Silas has so much pain and anger and hurt, but it’s masked by a level of light energy and humor. [He isn’t] intimidated by anything and the world is his playground. He’s 2000 years old and finds himself to be supremely more interesting and sophisticated. He doesn’t feed on people, he thinks it’s gross and primitive, so he manipulates people into cutting themselves and pouring their blood and then he drinks it; he’s a little snobby.”

In the end, Wesley is the real winner of the summer hiatus. He gets to take on two very different characters, and can also go around now saying that Nina Dobrev is not the only person on the show that gets to have a good time.

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Photo: The CW

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