‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ preview: Why Colton Cumbie, John Cody are in big trouble

Meet John -Since there is no sneak peek available for tonight’s “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” episode (at least as of this writing), we’re going to do something a little bit different here and talk about some of the situations that we’re likely to see unfold moving into what could be a double-elimination episode depending on if there is a quitter. With the amount of contestants that are here, there will likely be two episodes that have two people going home, so don’t just assume that the drama is over within the first ten minutes.

Redemption Island – The easy answer here is that Rachel will be going out the door rather quickly. It’s not that she is a terrible challenge performer, but she is up against two people in Candice and Marissa who have experience there already. Plus, Marissa proved herself last week in doing a challenge that really is all about focus. That’s a sign of good things to come. And no, we don’t see Tyson taking her place in a thousand years. Is he a great competitor? Sure, but these challenges are a little more skill-based then running or swimming.

The returning players – Has to be Colton, since we firmly believe that he is going to up and quit the game tonight in one of the lamest moves ever. Maybe he thinks that doing this will help Caleb’s game in some way, but we doubt that it will. We’ve been trying to figure this one out, but it’s hard. Does he feel like he is a sitting duck? Probably, but if he can keep winning challenges, the tribe can run the table; even if he does leave, there’s Redemption Island. It’s just stunning that someone who loves the game as much as Colton does would just throw in the towel, and it makes us feel bad for some of the guys like Kenny, Troyzan, or Todd who would have been great additions to this season in his place. None of them would have ever quit.

The family members – We’re going to go out on a limb here and say John. The seed was already planted last week that the guys don’t trust him, and they may feel like, with four of them, that they don’t need him anymore. Personally we think that it’s dumb, since he would probably stay loyal for a little while. We would take out Ciera instead, since she looks to be a little more of a strategic threat.

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Photo: CBS

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