‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6, episode 5 preview: Moving beyond death in ‘The Mad King’

Sons of Anarchy -So how exactly does “Sons of Anarchy” move beyond tonight’s episode “Wolfsangel”? That is quite the dilemma. Odds are, you are probably still thinking about the episode as you read this; but if you haven’t seen it yet, STOP READING NOW. We don’t know why you clicked on the article, anyway, but spoiling this just seems like a terrible thing to do.

The new episode airing next week is entitled “The Mad King,”  and surely Kurt Sutter and the writers are not trying to direct us in the way of a House Targeryan reference, are they? Don’t think so, but there is quite a bit for SAMCRO to attend to this week. They have to continue their fight for survival in the midst of some horribly-trying times, and also comes to grips with all of the death that has taken place. Lee Toric is dead, and that may be a reason for Jax Teller to breathe a sigh of relief; however, Otto is also gone, and Filthy Phil is joining him. There was meaning behind the deaths, and perhaps we should take this as a hint that more is on the way.

First of all, take a look below at the official synopsis for the episode straight from FX:

“The club is forced to make an uneasy alliance with unforeseen consequences.”

It’s not much, but these synopses rarely ever provide anything beyond the most generic of teases (largely because they are released weeks in advance and must be spoiler-free). The promo below may at least give you a little bit more in the way of insight, as you get a chance to see that Jax’s efforts to broker a deal are heightened, and the D.A. is still pressing to have someone take the blame for the school shooting.

Is there anything that you want to see on “Sons of Anarchy” next week in particular? Be sure to share below. Meanwhile, click here if you want to go back and read our full review for tonight’s chilling episode.

Photo: FX

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