‘Agents of Shield’ season 1, episode 2 review: Skye and Grant learn to play nice

The big show -The premiere of “Agents of Shield” was massive and the ratings were out of this world. Can the second episode hold up to the incredible first episode?

They didn’t waste anytime getting right to the action, which is one of the things we love about this show. The story this week revolved around Skye coming on board Agents of Shield as a consultant and Grant is of course doesn’t trust her.

On her first job in Peru, she is given the task of keeping the locals in the dark about the object (a device actually) they were called in to investigate. When the national police hear about the object that was found they show up to check it out and we learn that Phil and the captain, a woman named Camilla, know each other well and have worked together before. While in discussions about what to do with the object, rebels show up and start blowing the place to pieces. Agents of Shield grab the device and take off to board the plane with it and they bring Camilla and some of her officers.

Skye quickly learns that a few other members of the team not only don’t get along very well, but that they haven’t been on many more missions then she has. The danger is intense and she doesn’t seem convinced that she’s made the right decision joining a team that doesn’t get along, so she tries to make nice with Grant. The more they talk, the more they realize that they just don’t see eye to eye on life, but the chemistry still runs deep between them. As they are talking, Grant realizes that Camille and her team are there to take the device and hijack the plane.

The group figures out a way to get along just long enough to work together as a team and blow the device they found. It creates a giant hole in the side of the plane and starts sucking Camilla’s agents out to their death. After a lengthy fight, Skye pulls the lever on the inflatable water raft to plug up the hole and the team gets the plane back to safety. Skye’s work to help save the team softens Grant towards her and makes him think she has real potential, so he agrees to be her supervising officer to help turn her into a field agent.

Just as everyone trusts Skye and accepts her, she reveals that she is still working as part of the underground resistance.

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Photo: ABC

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