‘Ink Master’ season 3, episode 12 review: Tatu Baby makes finale with unfinished tattoo… seriously

Tatu BabyWe are down to the final four on “Ink Master” season 3, with Joey Hamilton, Tatu Baby, Jime Litwalk and Kyle Dunbar left competing for the title and the cash prize of $100,000. Who will be the final three going into the finale next Tuesday night? Let’s see how it all played out.

The flash challenge portion of the competition is gone, so this week the artists will be heading into a 9 hour tattoo marathon to show the judges why they deserve to be in the finale. The first part of the challenge will have the artists working on a design given to them by past guest judges to specifically target their weaknesses. Not only do they have 3 hours to complete the design, but they all have to work on the same canvas at the same time.

As soon as they are done their 3 hour challenge showing off their weaknesses they will move straight into 6 more hours where they get a canvas that is willing to let the artist tattoo any design they create anywhere they want. This is to showcase each artist at their best. We love that tonight gave us at home the chance to see the artists do designs they are the best and the weakest at to really compare the work side by side.

As we said in our weekly “Ink Master” 3 rankings this week, we are fairly certain that Kyle will be the fall guy that goes home tonight for production to ensure that Tatu Baby goes to the finale, but we can really only see either one of these two being the person that goes home tonight, with Joey and Jime as locks to go head to head for the prize. Were we right?

We were totally right, Kyle got the boot even though he had, in our opinion, better tattoos all season. He may not have been a stand out contender like Joey or Jime, but he’s been given some really tough pieces and managed to do well with all of them. What’s the worst part about this situation with Tatu Baby going into the finale is that her 3 hour tattoo wasn’t even finished, making this the third unfinished tattoo this season for her (she also had the garter belt and The Joker). She has been so uneven this season with her work, has landed in the bottom more often then an Ink Master should and has had three unfinished tattoos… did we also mention that she quit at one point as well? We are completely shocked that Kyle went home over Tatu Baby and at one point in the show tonight both Jime and Joey agreed that Kyle should be the one in the finale with them, not her.

The live finale on Tuesday is two hours long and starts at 9 p.m. on Spike TV, where we will see the last tattoos from the 3 finalists. They each have 35 hours (over a period of a few months past) to create a tattoo of their choice on their master canvas and it will be revealed on the live show. Also in the finale we will see two eliminated artists go head to head for a chance to come back for season 4 of “Ink Master”, so be sure to get your votes in now.

Do you think the right person went home tonight and are you happy with the finale three going into the finale next Tuesday night? If you haven’t heard the news yet about “Ink Master” being renewed for a fourth season just click here to read all about it.

Photo: Spike TV

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