‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9, episode 4 preview: Ted, Barney cry in ‘The Broken Code’

A new update -Ever since we first heard the title “The Broken Code,” we have had hopes for a landmark “How I Met Your Mother” episode. Any longtime supporter of the CBS comedy knows well enough already that Barney Stinson is one of the original cultivators of the “bro code,” and this has to be a reference of someone betraying him. So … who could that be? The clear answer is Ted, who has quite a major violation on his hands in how he clearly betrayed Barney’s trust by going all the way out to Los Angeles in order to find where the locket could be to bring back to Robin.

Is there any sort of serious heart-to-heart on the subject in the preview video below? Not exactly. Instead, what you really have to look at is Barney and Ted seemingly in the middle of a happy-cry. Maybe this is how two bros work through their issues, but then again, this does not quite feel like it. This is more akin to something that we would see Barney make fun of if he ever saw two guys doing something like this on the street.

Away from the guys, one of the best stories that we encounter here could be between Lily, Robin, and the arrival of someone who has become a fan favorite in some ways: Patrice. She is responsible for helping Barney to pop the question, and also is famous for getting constantly yelled at by Robin for increasingly ridiculous reasons. Yes, Patrice is probably one of the most-patient people in the history of the show, and she continues to keep coming back for more. This time, though, a twist: It’s Lily that yells at her! We’re pretty sure that she probably does not appreciate this.

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Photo: CBS

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