‘Suits’ season 3 spoilers: ‘Lost,’ ‘Southland’ alum lands 3B storyline tormenting Harvey Specter

What's next -Would “Suits” really be “Suits” if Harvey Specter was not being tormented in some way? Every handful of episodes, the man with an awesome name finds himself in a tricky situation where someone, regardless of if they have a relationship with him or not, decides to make his life as miserable as humanly possible. Some of the folks that we have seen involved with this over years include Stephen this season, Louis Litt, and even at times Mike Ross, but for the second half of this season, we’re looking at someone from Harvey’s past who clearly knows him rather well.

So who is this mystery man? Sources have confirmed that it’s Patrick Fischler. The well-traveled character actor, whose credits include Jimmy Barrett on “Mad Men,” Phil on “Lost,” and Detective Kenny “No-Gun” on “Southland,” has signed up to appear in multiple episodes of season 3B (otherwise known as the chunk airing this January) as A. Eliot Stemple, a former Harvard Law classmate of Harvey’s that has a rather complicated history with him.

The first sign that Stemple is trouble? He’s abbreviating the first name, which is something that always seems pretentious and frightening. Also, he went to Harvard; anyone who is intelligent enough to succeed there is capable of stirring up some major mayhem. Harvey probably feels exhausted right now already, having gone through what he has this year with the likes of Stephen and Ava. Therefore, this is not going to be the sort of case he wants to involve himself in right now.

Any thoughts on the casting, or any particular storylines you want to see for Harvey? Share below! We know that Donna is someone who fans always want to see him paired off with, and you can read a little more news on possibilities there just be clicking here.

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