ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6 spoilers: First look at Nathan Fillion, ‘Client List’ star

Check it out -While next week on “Castle” may mark a rare opportunity for Rick to do some investigating without Beckett in tow (at least at first), the episode that follows in “Number One Fan” is going to feature some pretty tricky situations.

Primarily, what we are looking at here is more or less Nathan Fillion’s character being drawn in to a hostage situation courtesy of an obsessed fan. They can annoy you when you have to deal with them at a signing, but they must drive you all the moreĀ insaneĀ when they are brandishing a gun and forcing you to be locked up in an crazy situation.

The woman playing Castle’s creepy figure in this episode is Alicia Lagano, who has landed a pretty nice guest spot here while sitting around and waiting to see whether or not Jennifer Love Hewitt and “The Client List” producers are ever going to get themselves sorted out in time for the show to actually be renewed for another season. This woman basically informs the police that Castle is the only man that she will talk to in a negotiation, and Beckett could be one of the people on the other side to help him figure this out. (That is, if another major government mission does not interfere in the process.)

Some diehard fans should love the reappearance of the “WRITER” vest that Fillion is wearing in the picture above; we last saw this in the pressure-plate episode “Still” last year, and its origins go back to the very beginning of the show.

In going back now to “Need To Know,” click here if you want to watch the first preview for what looks as though it is going to be a pretty silly episode when it airs on ABC next week.

Photo: ABC

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