‘The Bridge’ finale spoilers: Why is Marco speaking with a nun?

Take a look -One day before “The Bridge” season 1 comes to a close on FX, we have a new photo that raises another interesting question about just how the story of El Paso and the Mexican border could come to a close: Why is religion getting itself involved now? This has not been a theme of this story at all, and yet Marco is seen in the photo below having a conversation with a nun, who is sitting before a slab full of faces.

The one easy guess to make is that what we are looking at here is something as simple as a roster, and a possible way for Marco to determine where Eva and some of the other missing girls could be … if they are still alive. Following the David Hill arrest, we have seen the show transition more into trying to solve what is a larger mystery, and one that has persevered through the lives of David and many other killers over the years. What happens to some of these women in Juarez, and why are their disappearances never fully investigated? What Marco may find on the other end here is truly shocking.

Also, the hope here is that whatever we are about to see take place in the story, it serves more as a template for season 2 than anything that is about to wrap itself up this summer. After all, how frustrating would it be for Charlotte to be suddenly brought in and arrested, even though there has been little to no discussion about her for much of the past few weeks? The last time she had an important role in the main story was when she and Marco slept together.

Want to take another look at “The Bridge” finale? Be sure to watch the promo for it here. Meanwhile, sound off in the comments with your theories about how the series could end for the year.

Photo: FX

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