ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6, episode 2 review: Did Beckett save Castle; did ‘Dreamworld’ deliver?

Castle and Beckett -“Dreamworld” was the follow-up to the “Castle” premiere episode “Valkyrie,” and an episode that served to answer the question from the season premiere: Did Castle actually live thanks to Beckett, and what comes next for the couple?

The answer to the first question is as obvious as the sky is blue. Was it really possible for Nathan Fillion to not have a character to play beyond this episode? The show’s name is “Castle,” and it is not referring to Alexis. While there were a few moments where the action was intense and things got a little touch-and-go when it comes to Beckett finding the cure for him, she finally did in a tricky, complicated investigation where there were quite a few individuals targeted, even going as high of the Secretary of Defense. This was the boldest move on Beckett’s part to accuse him, but she did get exactly what she wanted out of it.

Now, we turn to where the couple goes from here. The presumption for now is that Rick will return to New York with his immediate family (plus awkward “boy with mustache” Pi), and continue the life that he has while seeing Beckett from time to time. But is this really going to last? At some point, he has to commit to living a little closer if this relationship is going to work leading up to a wedding. The only other possibility that we are going to run into is Beckett deciding suddenly that being in Washington is not for her.

But in terms of entertainment, “Dreamworld” delivered on being one of the best follow-ups to a premiere that “Castle” has experienced, even if the end was somewhat predictable. The best part? The nice little moment where Castle woke up to see his family … right after he was dreaming about seeing all of them.

As always, we want you to share your thoughts on this episode below; The preview is now online, and it looks like something good is on the horizon.

Photo: ABC

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