‘Bones’ season 9, episode 3 review: Sweets’ story … for now

Bones -The Sweets character on “Bones” has been through the wringer the past couple of seasons, in between losing his relationship, moving in with Booth and Brennan, and then eventually deciding that he was done with his job after some of the trauma that he has been through as of late.

Therefore, at least the beginning of this episode was very focused on finding out some of what the journey was going to hold for the character, who decides to first of all abandon his current post in order to go and help troubled children. It is an admirable move on his part, and definitely not one that he necessarily needs to take on. But, he liked it, and was so content with the job that he didn’t even bother to contact Booth for quite a while until he was later called on by the man himself.

The case that came up as a result was entertaining, but even going through this was not enough yet to have him return to the force; with that being said, the inkling at the end was that a return would be coming here for him sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, the criticism here has to be obvious at this point: Where in the world is the Pelant story going right now? It is really frustrating to see so many good things in the premiere, and then nothing else for quite a while. Then again, this is not the first time that we have seen this on “Bones.”

As always, we want to hear some of your thoughts about this episode below, including whether or not you enjoyed this little detour for Sweets. In case you haven’t heard yet that Pelant is going to be coming back on the show next week, just click here to see a full promo.

Photo: Fox

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