‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6: Kurt Sutter discusses Tig’s fate, fan reaction

The road ahead -Is Tig about to die on “Sons of Anarchy”? This is a question that many a fan is asking right now, but it is one that we intend on answering right now. The thing that Kurt Sutter wants to say to fans right now is regardless of what is actually going to happen to Kim Coates’ character, it is something that has been “earned” for the character and the story.

The comments that the show creator makes during his latest “WTFSutter” video below are similar to things that were said after we lost Ryan Hurst and his character of Opie last year: No death is ever made with the intention of shock value, but rather to service the story that is being told. Given that the source material is “Hamlet” to an extent, you have to believe that more bodies are going to fall along the way. It is more or less an issue of timing; for Opie, the timing was right, and it is hard to imagine Jax being in the position he now is if the character was still among the living.

Sutter goes on in the video to also discuss the complicated reaction of fans to the cliffhanger surrounding whether or not Tig lives. For some, the feeling is that the character deserves the punishment as a response to some of his own actions. However, at the same time there is also a contingent of others out there who love the character, and separate what he deserves from just having him on the show a while longer. On an unrelated question, there is also talk about whether or not a “Sons of Anarchy” video game could happen. As a gamer we can say that we would absolutely play something like that.

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Photo: FX

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