‘The Bridge’ season 1 finale spoilers: Will Diane Kruger’s series end with a bang?

The Bridge -It has been a complicated, striking, and interesting first season of “The Bridge,” but on Wednesday, the series is going to come to a close with an episode that right now raises more questions than answers. We have had this feeling that the series is looking to use the last couple of episodes to build towards something that is going to happen next year, and that is what we are hoping this episode is all about.

The video below does not really provide many clues for the story, save for maybe a brief tease of the missing girl Eva and what her fate could become. Of course, the sight of Marco Ruiz with a gun at this point is always scary, given that we know now courtesy of David Hill that the capacity to act out of anger is there. That doesn’t mean that he will do it in this case to take down an institution littered with corruption, but it is something to at least think about.

At the end of the day, it would be a mistake for “The Bridge” at the moment to try and tie together everything that they’ve created in one episode, especially when it comes to the Charlotte and Stephen characters, who have spent so much time this year on the fringe. They are really better off bringing these plots into next year, and then giving us something new, surprising, and exciting to go along with them. So long as the quality stays high, we cannot be disappointed.

Is there anything that you want to see take place on “The Bridge” finale? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below! Meanwhile, be sure to visit the link here if you want to get a greater sense at everything that has happened on the season so far.

Photo: FX

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