‘The Blacklist’ episode 2 spoilers: Will the arrangement really work?

The Blacklist logo any seasonDid you enjoy “The Blacklist” premiere on NBC Monday night? We know that NBC sure did, based on the ratings that the show ended up drawing, many of people seemed to love it, and that means that good things could be in store once again on the network Monday. The second episode looks to carry over to an extent from where the first picked up, but while also bringing in some other new elements to the table.

What makes James Spader’s Reddington a little bit more intriguing to follow than the average villain is simple: Composure. He does not feel like a man that can be shaken up or deterred rather easily, and we doubt that we are ever going to see him running for his life. He’s almost too calculated to do such a thing, since he already knows presumably what he will need to do in order to protect himself the majority of the time.

To us, the most interesting prospect of the show is not necessarily seeing train collisions or shootings; instead, it is expounding upon the story that has already been put in place here with these characters. While it is a little difficult to fully say until the next episode airs, right now the show feels almost reminiscent to “Burn Notice” is that you are going to get some individual cases of the week, and then also some other stories that help to expand further upon the universe constructed by the show, and give us some answers. All we are hoping to the TV gods for is that some sort of revelation that is Reddington being someone other than Liz’s father.

Photo: NBC

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