‘Arrow’ season 2 spoilers: ‘Percy Jackson’ alum to cause trouble for Island Oliver Queen

More scoop -Sometimes, we feel the need to differentiate between Island Oliver on “Arrow” and Starling City Oliver, mostly because the two are in so many ways different people. The former is someone who is still scared and learning their way to survive; meanwhile, the other is a vigilante who is ready to finally be seen as a hero rather than someone who is just operating in shadows.

We’ve spent quite a bit of time as of late talking about the Oliver in the present, so why not take advantage now of the opportunity to go back in time a little bit? According to a report from ScreenCrush, “Percy Jackson” veteran Dylan Neal is finding his way onto the show in the role of Dr. Anthony Ivo, a man who is desperate to try to create some sort of medical breakthrough that has history dating all of the way back to World War II.

Ivo is a character that has deep roots in the DC universe, just like many other villains that we are seeing this season, including Bronze Tiger and also Isobel Rochev (if you consider her a villain in this universe yet). It is nice to see that the writers are still working to expand the DC world that makes us this show, which is something that we were actually somewhat worried over thanks mostly to Fox picking up a “Gotham” series about Commissioner Gordon that no longer makes this the only DC game in town.

What do you think about this casting, and are you down for seeing more villains at the island? In case you want to see the news about a shocking return in the present on “Arrow,” be sure to click here. Just know that it could be a potentially large spoiler.

Photo: The CW

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