ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3, episode 1 preview: See Emily VanCamp in first scene from premiere

See Emily -Over the past month or so, you’ve heard the stories and likely even seen some footage of how in the opening minutes of “Revenge” season 3, you are going to see Emily Thorne be shot. Well, we can now go a step further than even that: We can show you the full scene!

In the video below, you can view the moment in which we see Emily VanCamp’s character land two bullets in her stomach while at first seeming alone on the yacht. She has a glass of champagne in her hands, and she looks somewhat surprised as the shots are fired. She falls into the ocean, and you can see some blood rushing up from her stomach.

Now we are getting so descriptive here for the sole reason that we are trying to play detective. Is it possible still that this whole ordeal was a set-up? Sure. For example, why shoot her twice in the stomach? If you really wanted to kill her, it would seem so much more obvious that you would fire for the head. It’s not like she is in a spot where she would be difficult to aim at, especially since this shooter seems to be a pretty short distance from her. Based on the time of day (and that she is alone), we are assuming that the moment occurs before a wedding actually takes place. What sort of groom would otherwise leave her?

One other thing here to consider is that if Emily was in fact staging something, a boat is a perfect place to do it. If the ship is near the shore, many watching her would see the incident happen and her body fall into the water. Therefore a rescue effort would be probable. Is it possible that she really is shot maliciously? Sure, but on “Revenge,” nothing is ever as easy as it seems.

Want to get a look at everything coming up on the “Revenge” premiere? Just be sure to watch the video here, and come back soon for some more news related to the show.

Photo: ABC

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