‘Dancing with the Stars’ 17: Bill Nye gives update on injury, says it is partially torn ligament

Meet Bill -Good news and bad news when it comes to the future of Bill Nye on “Dancing with the Stars” season 17. While it is still unclear if he is going to be able to hit the dance floor this week and rehearse, we at least know that he wants to; also, we know the full extent of the damage. In a post on his Instagram, the beloved children’s TV star explained exactly what is ailing him, and it is making it extremely hard for him to rehearse this week:

“Here is the scoop: partially torn ligament. Awaiting the doc’s orders with Tyne. We plan to dance! Stand by…”

So far Bill has not exactly been a favorite with the “Dancing with the Stars” judges, as he has routinely gotten the lowest scores these first two weeks. The one thing that he does have going for him? Popularity. It kept him safe the first week, and it’s possible that it could keep him safe again this time around if he is able to continue.

While it would be a bummer for Bill to go out and deprive us of some more fun this year, we will at least say this: If he does have to quit, he can say with a smile on his face that he has the most-popular routine online in the history of the show, and he’s helped to possibly introduce a new generation of people to what he does.  Plus, the unfortunate thing here is that he probably would not win anyway, and you don’t want to see him get to a point where he lasts so long that the judges start being mean to him. (They have done that with some others in the past.)

But, in an alternate universe how awesome would it be to see Bill hoist the trophy? This is where we are conflicted.

Click here if you want to read some of the initial reports about Bill’s injury, and we will have more as it becomes available.

Photo: ABC

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